The Mufti of Perak has issued a ruling declaring TV3’s ‘Sure Heboh’ concert carnivals as haram (prohibited in Islam) as it ‘encouraged vice and immoral activities’ among Muslims in the country.Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria said today the Council of Malaysian Muftis, which met recently, had decided that the carnival, a series of concerts held in major towns, had a negative influence on spectators.

As such, he said, the organising and watching of the concerts was prohibited by Islam as it would be detrimental to Malays and Muslims.

“The ‘Sure Heboh’ carnival is detrimental to our own race and has also weakened their thinking,” Harussani told reporters after the closing of the Muzakarah Ulama 2004 in Ipoh.

“With so many entertainment programmes being shown on TV, there is no need for yet another form of entertainment such as the TV3’s ‘Sure Heboh’.

“Islam allows entertainment but it must observe the limit,” he added.

Studies neglected

Harussani elaborated that while Islam did not forbid enjoyment in life, Muslims should be aware of their responsibilities. The younger generation should also not be exposed to activities which were detrimental to their future, he said.

He claimed that 90 percent of those who were fond of watching entertainment shows were young Muslim students.

“As they watch to much of that (entertainment shows), they neglect their studies … and this is against the teachings of Islam,” he said.

TV3 is holding a grand ‘Sure Heboh’ carnival to wrap up the nationwide series of concerts beginning today for three days at the Bukit Jalil stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

Among the performers due to appear on stage are Anuar Zain, Erra Fazira, Misha Omar, Ella, Sasi and The Don, Reshmonu, Ruffedge, Spider dan Raihan.